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Integration with their partner airlines, you might book your whole trip with Delta, but if you fly on one of their partner airlines the app quickly becomes less then useless, just go to paper at that point. Booking flights on the app works well for simple bookings, however if you want to use miles or certificates, the only use for the app is looking up the flight info to then call Delta to have them book for you. The app needs to be able to automatically add your boarding pass to your phones wallet.

You should only need one boarding pass. This is , we have computers that know which flights your are on. Airplane mode can cause issues if you try to open your app without an internet connection, often times it will kick you back to a login screen, needs to work better in airplane mode.

Overall great app, but the competition is catching up fast and they need to take things to the next level to stay ahead of the competition! It is unbelievable to me that I spend thousands of dollars annually, both personally and as an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. And with that being said Disappointed beyond measure just because of the principle of the matter!

Delta's Mobile App Now Checks You in Automatically

Another thing that has been highly frustrating is recently you lost my luggage and it had my CPAP machine in it. When I arrived at Fargo Hector, my bag never arrived. Delta rep confirmed multiple times that my bag would be on the next flight to Fargo, and verified I had nothing else I had to do. The Rep said I should have filed a claim for the bag, and the Delta rep from the night before should have told me to do that.. I was then told my bag would be on the next flight to Fargo. I received a notification that my bag was at the carousel at the Minneapolis airport at baggage claim When I got there, the flight was delayed.

I waited another 25 min, and then came to realize that my bag was not on that flight either. App Store Preview.

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Delta Air Lines Inc. Checking in for a flight is going the way of the paper airplane ticket. Delta sees strong demand on international routes. Related Securities Symbol. Download the latest Flash player and try again. Share this video Watch Next Independent Programming. News Tips Got a confidential news tip?

Delta’s Mobile App Now Checks You in Automatically

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