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A pesar de tener controles un poco exigentes, Grand Theft Auto: Me gusta mucho es una buena apk genial para tu android te la pasaras horas y hora de divercion. Since every camera-equipped Android phone comes with a camera app, most people will never look further. But some OEMs do a better job than others at creating great apps for photography, and there are also lots of interesting and possibly important features that can only be found by using a third-party camera app. First, Android comes in myriad versions, and each OEM implements them differently, on unique hardware.

So, an app that works great on one device might be buggy, have poor performance, or not work at all, on another.

Second, while many are free, some cost a few dollars. If that bugs you, look for their Lite or Trial versions to get a feel before you spring for the full version.

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Finally, photography on smartphones is a moving target. Android also continues to evolve. Below are some of my go-to options for camera applications on Android. So it is worth learning what your stock Camera app does particularly well, as you may want to switch back to it for specific situations.

Typically, though, only some functionality works, and the ports are of varying quality. It not only offers many of the same manual controls you get on a standalone camera, but even uses similar icons to represent features like exposure compensation.

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Some nice extras are a long exposure mode and an intervalometer. The data overlays, including an optional RGB Histogram, are also helpful if you want to get the most out of your camera. If you want to feel involved with your camera app, Open Camera is unique as a full-featured, open source camera app for Android.

First, it offers the aforementioned RAW HDR capability, which provides remarkable dynamic range in the form of a high-bit-depth actually floating point RAW file automatically created from as many individual frames as are needed to capture the highlights and shadows in a scene. Images you shoot with the camera in Lightroom are also automatically synced to your desktop version of Lightroom, and to your other mobile devices that use Lightroom. I had good success pairing a Pixel 2 with a Pixelbook as a complete mobile workflow , for example.

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