Download & install official android 4.0.4 ics firmware for samsung galaxy s2

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ICS Android Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 International Version i

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How to Install / Update / Upgrade Official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.3

Make a backup for just in case, you never know when anything might go wrong. See below for some tips on how to backup data:. If you backup data manually, you get more options what to choose from and it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers, i. Having problems connecting your Android phone to the computer? You need to enable USB debugging mode. See here: This might help you: How to Check Battery Percentage. Because, if your phone goes off suddenly while installing a custom ROM, flashing an official firmware update or installing mods etc.

No one wants that, right? Most of the tutorials and how-to guides on Team Android are for factory unlocked Android phones and tablets. Any suggestion? Hi Mr Jayce, I am interested in installing this firmware but I am just curious about the battery life. Is it good? I have installed this and found that the phone tends to stay warm and battery drained faster than my previous GingerBread 2. Not sure about the others. Just installed the firmware. Looks good! But my phone tends to hangs and reboot itself.

Why is it so? Hi Jayce, after done all, it just like an update and everything is still remain. I just tried this rom, is this official rom? Hard to believe that this is Official Android 4. Hi, i still cannot manage to print screen on this new upgrade please help? Thank you! Ive figured it out now. Just had to hold it a few seconds longer instead of pressing and letting go straight away!

Hi Jayce, the guys GalaxyS2root claim that the resurrection remix v9. Do you have any experience with these roms? Please consult others who has the same model at XDA website. Not recommend ICS for the moment. Different region. No idea as I did not try XEO build. Zip software compression ratio is not same. Files size not that much difference,SEB Hey bro XEO file size is Does your phone have to be unlocked to run this unbounded firmware or can I just flash my phone which is running stock firmware directly?

Do you notice that? I saw some changes, the fluidity of change pages is slower, and do little to enlarge a page or a picture also shows slow, is this normal? In my experience the battery life is crap, the signal on internet is much lower and slower even with wifi. I converted back to gingerbread 2. I noticed after flashing to this european rom the font has changed compared to my old malaysian 2. Any way of getting the old one back? This seems thinner and more unpolished. I just installed ice cream 4. When i was clear memory, the wallpaper i set will disappear to original wallpaper.

Yes, ICS uses more memory than Gingerbread. Besides, I have issue to change wallpaper with Gallery. Need your opinion on this, I did an ICS update to my sg2 international model but afer succesfully made the update, I could not clear off the software update in my notification bar. I have an unlocked, unbranded GS2. Thanks in advance.

For those who are already on ICS 4. Seems to have some bugs? ICS is slow and battery drains quickly. Just FYI.. Samsung Kies is also doing the auto firmware upgrade, just found out now. This is for Singapore, not sure if the applicable to other AP countries. Please consult others who have the same model at XDA website. I got some problems in it. What should I do to get rid of it???: I cant update via Kies. Im from the Philippines.

Do you have A link so that I can manually download it? I faced that problem for first 3 boot after firmware upgrade. Now its working pretty amazingly!!: Now no problem no hang on my s2: Thanks for reply….. So i changed it to 2. I upgraded to the official ics firmware from gingerbread 2. My pone lags now and apps keep crashing when i run them. I tried installing the 2. Try to factory reset it first. As for downgrading, you need to wipe data and cache in recovery mode first before install firmware. I no longer get the yellow D: I am upgrading from Gingerbread 2. I hv to install back to 2.

What is the problem? Please help. And one more thing way my phone keep on restarting but this problem solve when i remove the sd card. Something like this — https: Hi, I m frm nepal. Well just ICS 4. I m not able to upgrade new version. Any help??? Here is a link between yours and mine side by side in LYN: Can give my some advice? My benchmark was ran on fresh installation I factory reset it to stock. And SD card test set on internal SD card. Hope this clear up a bit. Yes, I did that too.

Of course upgraded from GB, but when I found my scores were pretty low, i did use CWM to wipe everything and also factory reset. AS for the sd card part, that I know… I hv a crappy sd card. But the question is the other hardware scores are half of yours. No idea then.

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Now I get … used to have at least Anyway, this score is obtained with internal sd. But my score is still less than yours, only 79 compared to yours This is a non-G with SME. Thanks mate. Congrats on tying the knots. Hey im from canada i got a normal samsung galaxys2 done nothing to it that i know off and wondering if this is safe and if i should get it or wait this is ice cream sandwich right.

I am using samsung galaxy s2 — GT IT Will this firmware can work in my phone or I have to wait for official release? Please guide me Thank you. Can you consult others who have same model at XDA website? So its been a few days now since this rom has been up. Hehe… I swapped back to Gingerbread.

Will try ICS again when these apps are supported. You can get more impressions on ICS here.

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  6. Thanks jayce that means am stuck using 2. For me, I only upgrade firmware when there are improvements or new features. Jayce, Need your help on how to downgrade it to 2. Is it I just need to install the 2. Since this ICS not quite stable. Hi Jayce! I live in India and i dint got the ics update via kies till now! I saw how it looks on the websites and i dint liked the Touchwiz UI at all! So my question is should I install the CyanogenMod 9 which i liked it or i should wait for the official release?

    What would be better? Hard to tell which suit you better. You need to try them out yourself to find out more. After upgraded to 4. At the end, reverted back to gingerbread 2. Hey Jayce!!!

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    Hey Jayce!!!! I installed cm9 and loving it! But the problem is I cant access my external SD card! I tried many file manger to explore it but to no avail! How can I access it now? Maybe you can try to ask others at XDA website — http: Hi, I am currently using xwkk5 firmware and the phone is rooted. Is it worth upgrading to the official ics release from samsung? Also, if i upgrade, can i restore all the applications that i have backed up from the current firmware using titanium back up or i will have to reinstall everything that i want to use, again?

    For me, not worth to upgrade to ICS yet. Certain apps do not work on ICS yet. Yes, you can restore apps from Titanium Backup. Hi Qwerty, please follow this guide — https: Hi Jayce, Natty here again. Is there anyway i can go down to 2. Maybe you can try other PC see. You needs Odin to install firmware. Here is the guide — https: I have been able to downgrade to gingerbread 2. Hi my device details are Model: GT I, Current firmware: Hello there i v got ixxki4 and it sais i cant update via kies.

    I have bugs in official ICS. So i want to change it to custom roms like GB 2.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Drivers

    And i can download these custom versions? You can try it if you want. Thank you for your reply, i will try your suggestion. And congrats on your coming wedding! All the best. Its me again, i cant find the download it says that it have been removed can you advise other link, thank you so much. Could anything be wrong since it is an official firmware.

    I am based in Zambia Central Africa. Hi Martin, wrong CSC might be the issue. It worked fine. Can every SGS2 go to clockwork mode? When system is not stable, downgrade firmware or clear all apps and data. Yes, but you need to install CWM first else you have only normal stock recovery mode. I see. Sorry Martin, I provide support at my blog only this will help others too when they have same issue. Changing CSC only does not help. GT-I Android version: Now to updgrade to ICS, what should I use?

    IXWLP3 4. Should I follow this link at xdaforums? How can I wipe cache and why? Is it mandatory to make a backup with Titanium Backup? Any ICS firmware that you prefer. Not sure XWLP3 is the latest or not.

    ICS Android 4.0.4 Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 International Version i9100

    Up to you. Wipe data and cache in recovery mode to avoid boot loop issue. No, but better to backup first. I am in India and was using 2. I upgraded to ICS and it all went off well. I cannot view any folders under this folder from the phone and when I connect it to the PC. I had taken a full backup using Kies before the upgrade. I want to know if it is possible to restore the USB data from the Kies backup or is there any other way. But usbStorage folder should content data from USB disk drive, right? Yes, it refers to the USB disk.

    I am unable to view the folders i created before the upgrade. Also, when I power on the mobile, the media scanner does not run on the USB storage. Would you be able to guide why this its happening and how to fix this? I already upgraded my phone to 4. Hmm… Stock browser is working fine during my testing. You can factory reset it if you want.

    This will help to make it clean and reduce issues from previous firmware. This issue is evident in both this official rom and other ICS custom roms. Several forums have reported this issue including this one http: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I updated as per all steps, except factory reset. But i have some queries: Is this a correct link for my indian S2 version? I know there is still no official firmware for india.

    The main link for this firmware is mentioned is: So after factory reset, will it be back to Initial Firmware 2. No jaycee actually it just needed a reboot, but after rooting with cfroot 4 xxlpq doesnt show usb storage and sdcard. So i flashed with xxlps from poland official rom so far bout 1 week plus running without any hitch Hope info helps s2 brothers n sisters. Alright Jayce. My phone now is 2.