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Proudly Pinoy brand that develops and designs exceptional smartphones that everyone loves, MyPhone is definitely the promising brand that you should go to. As MyPhone was established as early as , this shows that MyPhone was relatively a newcomer in the overcrowded world of smartphones. Despite boasting shorter history, it turned out that MyPhone has been gaining a solid foothold in both domestic and overseas market. Yet, MyPhone was actually tied to a long history that predated itself.

Once upon a time, it was once known as United Paracale Mining Co and it has been incorporated on 9 th October There was an interesting tale behind the inception of MyPhone and it began with the ambitious David Lim who founded it. However, its true beginning was started by his own father.


In , his father was the owner of this mobile phone manufacturer that produced mobile phones that were known as Amoy Solid. Since David's younger brother, Jason, was just good in working with electronic products in the family, he gave the task of marketing the mobile phones to him. However, David quickly recognized the fact that Amoy Solid will not be able to sell well since it just sounded boring as well as being less appealing. Once David took a look at the dual sim feature of the phones, he told his father that he would market the phones but with a different name.

As such, MyPhone became its new name. While there are tons of success stories around the world, the story behind MyPhone has been proven to be very inspiring as it shows that even a young upstart brand such as MyPhone mobile phones can move and shake the world. Amusingly, the story of its successes has been compared to a familiar Biblical story that involves David and Goliath since the founding father of MyPhone is also a David as well.

Even if you do not believe in this ancient tale, the successes of MyPhone as a brand is quite apparent when you look at its arsenal of exceptional products.

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As a local brand, i t inspires and encourages a legion of talented locals that nothing is impossible. In fact, MyPhone employ s these inspired minds into developing and designing ingenious designs. As a young upstart brand in an overly saturated market, MyPhone is able to prove the critics wrong when it embarks on a journey of delivering affordable yet powerful smartphones to the market. In order to achieve such a feat, MyPhone has been thinking hard and fast in reimagining smartphones to be simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Since it proves to be a herculean task, MyPhone is ready to stretch its imagination to the fullest in rethinking how a smartphone should be.

MyPhone Mobile Phones Price List in the Philippines February 12222

Pushing its boundaries of creativity further, MyPhone is making more efforts to tackle any challenges in it. Choose from a wide variety of gaming products from desktops, laptop, accessories, mobile phones, and many more!

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Coupon price also available until Feb 22nd First 10 Units Daily. I am currently using a myphone76dtv 2 yrs na sya, noong una naiinis ako kasi myphone nanaman eh nung unang mga myphone ko isang bagsak lang lcd na.. But this phone is different tumalbog talbog na sya Read more. Hay naku, 3 days palang gamit ko ang mya9 DTV, laging lumabas Isnt responding mga application, tapos yung isang araw tinry ako tumawag ang asawa ko, biglang nag-off kahit full charged naman, tas ayun Pag mag install ako ng camera sa google play store ang phone ko ay nababaliw mamatay tapos mag android starting pag tapos sa Android starting mamatay nman mag android starting again at laggy.

Recently, the Android Smartphones of MyPhone are getting famous in the Philippines because it gives the strongest rival to other brands. In this generation of Android Smartphones, a lot of huge companies offer the buyer's needs in terms of user-friendliness interface of the device which is a great feature when it comes to multitasking. And MyPhone My Series has variants of Android Smartphone which the Android Enthusiast can choose what fits their needs regardless of age, budget, taste, and requirements.

My Phone "My" Series boasts of ample ranges of phones starting from just text and type class phones to top-end flagship Android smartphone models that are able to perform complicated tasks. Last year, MyPhone got rid of giving their devices fancy names. MyPhone ceased of using Rio, Infinity, and Ocean on their future iterations.

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After the last version of Infinity, PyPhone started using "My" followed by 2 to 3 digits, which connects to the device's specs. Some of the variants of the "My" series are as follows:.

MyPhone Smartphones Pricelist

MyPhoneMy25, My Both smartphones are in the line of 4-inches. The My25 comes with a 1.

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Memory-wise, they almost have the same specs in hand, with the difference in internal storage capacity. The my25 has 4GB of internal storage while the my26 has a larger 8GB storage. For the camera, they have the same 5MP and 2MP duo.

MyPhone My series price list 2016, full specs, release date in the Philippines

The thing that makes them recognize different is its Android OS. This smartphone sports a 5-inch IPS Display. It comes with a 1. This model flaunts a 5. MyPhone My33, My For the camera, the My35 has the upper hand on the My33 with its Samsung made sensor for the 13MP rear camera. Both phones are running on Android 5. MyPhone also released its current set of Android smartphones flaunting striking new aspects which will surely catch the liking of many Filipino buyers. MyPhone also ventures into multimedia by launching MyPhone O-shop, its official online store thru its newly improved www.

The first of its kind which gives businesses the chance to advertise their products and give rewards when they view the ads or play the games that come along with it. MyPhone is recognized to offer various budget-friendly handsets but with high quality. Currently, it impressed the tech enthusiasts with their My Series smartphones which are considered to be one of the biggest line-ups to date.

The MyPhone My series has already proven that it can stand against top local brand leaders as well as the foreign counterparts in the Philippine tech market. Produced by kakaku. MyPhone myX1 Smartphone, Android 7. P2, - 8 Prices. MyPhone my. MyPhone my33 Smartphone, Android 5. P3, - 2 Prices. MyPhone my28S Smartphone, Android 5. P1, 2 Prices. MyPhone my35 Smartphone, Android 5. P7, 1 Price. P19, 1 Price.