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Update Aug In this update, two new methods to password protect secret photos and videos using the FileExplorer and Notes on iPhone were added. I want to transfer or forward a video currently in FolderLock to the video section of my iPhone 7. Thanks for help! If so, you need to load the video off to computer, then use an iPhone manager tool to add a video from computer to the Videos app on iPhone.

Jason xi, no, the other way around. I have already moved videos from my iphone to folderlock. It seems odd that there is not a select option on the video. I just figured out how to do it. I found another person who asked the same question. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

How to Hide Photos on your iPhone without using any Apps

The Apps Store is flooded with apps that can password protect your iOS photos or your even use Dropbox. First transfer the sensitive pictures from the camera roll to your Dropbox folder and then add a 4-digit Passcode to the Dropbox app. Thus, your photos stay on the device but completely hidden. When you edit a photo inside iOS, the original copy gets saved along with the edited version and hence we can easily get back to the original unedited version.

Also see: People who have actually used the feature, however, know that it doesn't really do anything to keep the supposedly hidden photos private. In a nutshell, images are removed from the user's Collections and Camera Roll, but they're still available in an album conspicuously named "Hidden". And no, there's no password required to access the content.

Needless to say, Apple's approach to hiding pictures doesn't work for anyone who keeps sensitive content, such as spicy photos of themselves or significant others, on their iOS device. Yes, we're looking at you. That's why we thought we'd suggest an alternative solution. Read on to learn how to really hide photos on your iPhone or iPad without the need to have it jailbroken or hacked in any way.

How to hide multiple photos in iOS 9

To really hide pictures or video on your iPhone, you'll need an app for the purpose. Punch in your passcode, however, and you'll be granted access to the app's secret image-hiding abilities. Before we proceed any further, we must inform you that the number of images you can hide with the app's free version is limited.

It is also important to mention that hidden images can only be shared or exported with the paid version of the app. And if you choose to delete the app, your hidden images will be removed along with it. Alright, with this disclaimer out of the way, let's get to work! Create an album.

How to Hide Photos/Videos in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Camera Roll

Import images. Don't worry, as the suspicious DONE label won't appear once you're past this step. Photos that you hide are organized in albums. The album you just created is feeling lonely. We suppose you'll be importing existing photos from your gallery, but if you wish to, you may snap secret photos straight from the app, thus avoiding the chance of them ever ending up on iCloud.

Mark the images you wish to import from your gallery. Once they've been imported, you may remove them from your gallery application. The import process should take long only if you're importing a ton of photos. If the app gets stuck at this step, just close it from your recent apps list and launch it again. Files imported this way will appear in the app's Files tab. On one hand, the software doesn't go the extra mile to disguise itself as another, less suspicious app, and the full-screen ads it displays are likely to annoy you. But on the other hand, the software doesn't limit your ability to export hidden images, and the built-in slideshow mode can be very Doing so will also disable the aforementioned advertisements.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see the software in action. Create one or several new folders.

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