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2. Waking Mars

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1. Pixel Starships

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. For anyone wanting a mobile clone of Dead Space, Dead Effect 2 has you covered. While it riffs heavily off Dead Space in its isolating, claustrophobic station setting that's infested with zombie-like monsters, DE2's heavy-handed borrowing from that franchise's mold works in DE2's favor. It's the only mobile game to deliver an action-horror experience quite this well. This title offers a lengthy campaign and quite a few RPG elements, so if you want lots of playability and replayability from a thinly veiled mobile ode to Dead Space, Dead Effect 2 makes a compelling case for a place on your phone.

Though it lacks the infinite replayability of its PC-exclusive big brothers, this Civilization spin-off covers many of the same core beats. It's more than serviceable for Civilization fans hoping to have some strategic fun while on the go. Using the basic Civilization mold of hexagonal, randomly generated mapping; turn-based, bureaucratic gameplay; and constant, tense negotiations with irrational AI, Starships includes most features that Civ fans have come to expect from the series. The only difference is that here, everything's space-themed and thoroughly condensed for mobile.

Top 25 sci-fi games for iPhone and iPad

While that leaves some of the series' best aspects on the chopping block, what's on display in Starships is more than enough for a good few hours of fun. You can be a squeaky clean Jedi or ruthless Sith, develop your own lightsaber, customize your abilities, and travel across vast stretches of the Star Wars galaxy. Though the game looks pretty ugly by today's gaming standards, if you can get past its dated surface, the content within is the stuff of gaming legends.

Aspyr Media. It's arcade-style pinball, with a whole lot more pizzazz and flair than you're used to. Riffing off the sci-fi aesthetic of Tron, PinOut features glowing, neon-drenched pinball tables that stretch on seemingly forever, and you can bounce balls around in these tables until the game's timer clocks you out.

Top 5 Space Adventures for iPad

It's stylin', simple, old-school fun with a new-school look, and it's a great way to pass the time. Legacy is a noble attempt at capturing the console FPS experience in a mobile environment. Featuring a Halo-esque space setting and plenty of colorful, armor-clad marines, Legacy is pretty honest about what it's putting on the table: Along with a set of ships, you will also command a shipyard where all the weapon upgrades take place. Through this interface, you can upgrade ships from choosing different types of weapons, such as lasers and shock cannons.

Each weapon type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the weapon type wisely. Pulse cannons can fire at a faster rate than other weapons, but is not as accurate as, say, laser. Besides ship upgrades, you can concentrate on others structures to strengthen your defenses.

7 Stunning iOS Space Games You Should Play Right Now - Playoholic

You will be able to build defensive structures as well as a variety of important buildings like research house and resource collectors. Like a typical RTS, the game focuses on resource collection.

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You will also be building additional special structures like nuclear missile super weapon. There are different types of maps and a variety of modes, ranging from easy to brutal. AI tactics is impressive and ship customization is deep. A must-buy if you have enjoyed games like Star Trek: Armada, although the RTS is light years ahead when it comes to real-time strategy. Asteroid mining can be fun, especially when you have to command a space ship and explore the depths of space right from your mobile device.

Space Miner will let you do that.

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  • The game lets players blast asteroids and mine ore by extracting contents to their ship. Later, you will encounter enemy ships that will try to stop your ship from mining ores. You will need to have upgraded weapons to blast enemies and collect ore. You can manually open fire at enemies by pressing the shoot buttons or can switch to auto mode for continuous firing. Space Miner is a good space shooting game. It has a good control system and plenty of unlockable content.

    The ship design is marvelous and everything from laser beams to explosion look good on your iPhone screen. Gameplay revolves around attacking enemy ships, while putting on your shields to avoid getting hit.