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Advanced management of the information on your mobile device by synchronizing it with the application Access to Ovi to install free games or apps to your mobile device from your computer Multimedia files manager that allows you to convert their formats into the ones that fit your Nokia mobile Manage your mail account , messages, maps, contacts and general content easily with the guided functions the program includes Different ways for connecting to your mobile device through cable or Bluetooth depending on your computer hardware Create and manage backups of your system for recovering your personal information Compatible with most of Symbian systems and S40 devices.

If you want to learn some more about this program, you can check its official website through this link.

Manage your multimedia files. System Requirements.

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Operating System: NET Framework 3. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. If you are Nokia phone users like me, this app is a must.

How To Get FREE Music to your Apple Music Library

It has a variety of features that sync your Nokia mobile device with your PC, so you can transfer all you important data that you need which also runs very fast and without any trouble. Pros Easy to install and to use Share files without any trouble. Cons For Nokia mobile use only. Ease to access guides and manuals: This is a must have tool for your phone.

Do not hesitate have it now! Pros Allows your create a backup of your important information Allows you to explore and manage your device. Cons It is limited to Nokia devices.

If you are using Old Nokia phone which is not already supported by the Nokia Suite, you should have this program installed at your computer. This program allows you to update the firmware, transfer files both from PC and phones, manage your contacts and synchronize all the data of your phone. Pros Synchronize and back up your data You can manage photos and create albums.

Cons Always blocked by the Firewall. View more user reviews from this program. For what are you going to use the program? Now Open the file in Notepad. You will see the Password of the Memory card in the file which you opened. You can easily implement this trick in any of the Android phone or any device which has a folder "mncstore" in it.

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With this folder. Remove the Memory card from the device first. Now insert it in another device. Connect to pc or laptop. Once done give a right click and select the menu option. This for Windows Only Now you can have a memory with password removed or Unlocked. Must See: Remove the sd card and insert in any one of the N-Series of Nokia mobile.

Now format the Card. That's it!! It don't ask you the Password now. To scan the files in your mobile.

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You need to Download an explorer to scan the files. Open the explorer and enter zero[0], Which will help you to see the System files. Search for a file called "mncstore". You may find it at the Path: There you will be seeing a code in the third column like: These are the 4 method which where used to unlock the Memory card.

Manage your Nokia device from your computer

So be careful while doing. Have a successful in removing the password of the sd card. I hope this tutorial "How to Remove or Unlock the Memory card password" will help you to unlock your memory card when it has been locked.