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There is no camera in the front, or flash on either of sides. The image quality is reasonably good, and Nokia Camera apps really complement it very well. There is one mono-speaker at the back, which tends to go harsh at high volume. The sound quality flutters and can get really annoying. The call quality does its job fine. If you are into gaming, or even after a longer browsing, or IM session, the back of the device gets hot.

Which is something really unpleasant. I wondered if it is a device fault, but unfortunately, this issue is a real thing for all Lumia phones. The mAh battery was enough to, at moderate level last an entire day. Full points there.

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Let me put it this way, when you are using Android, you can boss around all places. The customizability that Android offers, and that its apps resonate is unmatchable. You can install custom ROMs on your device, flash to gain the administrative privilege. You can basically, change everything single thing. In short, there are many things that this phone does right, and there are enough things which needs to be thoroughly looked again. Whether I would like to recommend this to you?

Nokia Lumia 520 is the Best Tech Deal of 2013

Well, that depends. If you are into technology, then this might not be the phone you will want to have. Although there have been many updates recently, not many features have been brought to the device. But, at the same time, this phone is perfect for those people who use their phone for just taking pictures, browse some web, and listen to music.

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In my personal opinion, I want Windows Phone to bloom and shine. There are many things that this phone and the OS as a whole, does right. Related Posts: If u want to use for just text, call and browse the why waste so much money on this phone Just use this locost phone. U r the firt person who is saying windows phone is good.

Every person who have used this phone says its the worst phone thay have bought. I use to love nokia phones but really have it after using it for 2 days. Actually, I switched to Windows Phone because my Android phone got infected with virus. The Lumia is not bad, and it actually grows on you. But then I suppose its just a question of which OS we have been used to using. Hey Manish! Nice review there. I really appreciate it. That is the official price of Lumia In India, no carrier has tied up with Lumia , because, that is how most of the devices are sold here. You can check e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon.

I have gone trhough lumia and is… terrible!. BTW only excellent thing I see, is the mobile office and skydrive integration. Awful Nokia, awful. There is a bright orange version, which looks stunning in person and feels as good in the hands. All the colours are matte and they look as delectable as a Lumia or a Asha. The camera on the back is a 5 MP unit with a single LED flash and there is also a 2 MP front facing camera, which brings us to the Lumia which lacks both the components.

While Nokia claims to place the X devices at a segment below the Lumias, we think the overlapping would cannibalize Windows Phone sales, especially in the lower end which it has been a hit. It does create choice though, like for example, if some one wants a Windows Phone at that price, one could have it, but why would some one choose a smaller screen and inferior specifications and arguably a thinner App ecosystem? The Nokia XL has the potential to be the Lumia killer and be very profitable for Nokia as well as Microsoft, but at the cost of losing out the precious Windows Phone market share at the same low end segment.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft and Nokia tackle this out. All said, do you have anything to add or any questions about the Nokia XL?

Hands on with the Nokia XL: Lumia killer?

You could use this thing like a Fitbit if you wanted to, monitoring your activity and logging food intake. And the Lumia pretty much lives up to the reputation of its predecessors. There's no hardware camera button, which I'd miss though I will not personally be using the Lumia as my only phone. But everything else is just as good or better. That is, the value proposition of those earlier phones is essentially intact with the It's a good deal for an inexpensive smart phone. It's a good deal for a kid's phone. It's a good deal for a mobile game player.

A good deal for an offline GPS with downloadable maps. And it's inexpensive. No, the Lumia can't give higher-end phones a run for their money. It's no Lumia or or Icon. It's no Samsung Galaxy S5. It's no iPhone 5S even, though I feel like that would be a closely fought battle. It doesn't have a 5-inch or bigger HD screen, a lot of onboard storage, a killer camera, or luxury features like NFC or wireless charging.

Instead, it's just I recommend the Lumia highly, with the understanding that anyone familiar with Windows Phone will indeed miss that camera button.

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

I can't believe they left out the camera button. As for me, I will be using the Lumia going forward as my media player, and a replacement for the Lumia It's that good. A killer new budget handset.

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